How does it work?

Choose your Plan


Choose the plan that suits your financials best. YourTM offers plans with a subscription time of 6, 12, 18 and 24 months.
All prices include one class of goods and services, but no worries, you can ad more.
The prices for additional classes are in each plan. So you can check before the registration.

Send us your application


After choosing the right plan, please fill out the form. It’s very important that you fill all information as exact and detailed as possible. Specially the product / service description. We need these information to do the checks and define the right classes of goods and services. It will take 48hours to get a reply on your application. 

Customer Account


If your application is accepted by us, you will get a YourTM customer account in which you will find all information relating to your Trademark(s) and the services you have with us. We will send you an analysis about your trademark including feasability check and the analysis of the classes. To check if we have understood your products correctly and if we have defined the right classes, we will get in touch with you directly and discuss the structure. If needed we will make improvements.



If everything is clear and settled, you will find the subscription contract in your customer account. the contract can be signed either via e-signature or the standard way. After reception of the signed contract you will get access to the subscription in the customer account, here you have to add your credit card information. The monthly fee will then automatically deducted from your credit card.  

Registration Process


The registration process works as every normal European Community Trademark registration. The registration process takes at least 3 Months and is divided into several periods:

1. The examination by EUIPO the official European trademark office. They check if the filing is done correctly and if all regulations are respected.
2. The opposition period in which third parties can oppose against the registration. The application will be published in this stage.
3. The registration, at the end of the opposition period, the trademark registration will be published and the certification will be issued.

Certificate & Ownership


The certificate proves the ownership of the trademark and is the end of the official trademark registration. The owner of the trademark has now the sole right of usage for the registered name within the defined classes.
YourTM will, immediately, at the end of the subscription period, and when all installments have been paid, transfer the ownership. 

YourTm Success

If you have questions or if you need more information, please let us know.

Just send us an email and we get back to you as quickly as possible